Meet My Family


She loves to cook.

She is nice to Pa.

She talks a lot.

She loves to dance.

She loves to sing.

Emma - my sis

She loves to fly.

She is nice to ma.

She is nice to pa.

She is smart.

She is caring.

She takes pictures.

She loves to travel and learn.



He loves to build.

He is nice to Ma.

He is busy. 

He loves to work.

He loves to play.


Elijah - my bro 

He loves to play.

He is nice to Ma.

He is nice to Pa.

He is strong.

He likes to dance. 

He loves to learn

new games.



He loves to read.

He is nice to grandma.

He is nice to Ma and Pa.

He sleeps a lot.

He snores a lot. 

He is very funny.



She loves to knit.

She is nice to grandpa.

She is nice to Ma and Pa.

She cooks with ma.

She likes to dance. 

She likes to sing.


Linda - my cousin

She loves to sing.

She is a loyal friend. 

She prays a lot. 

She is very funny. 

She is pretty.

She is kind. 

She is nice.

Miguel - my cousin

He loves to play music on his guitar.

He loves to dance.

He likes to surf.

He likes to sleep on the beach. 

He is very funny.


Ron - my cousin

He loves to play on his drums.

He is respectful.

He is Honest.

He is caring.

He is protective. 

He is very strong.

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